Remove letters:

What can this tool do?

Input or paste the text, then input "remove letters", click "remove" button to remove letters.

If the text is: SUBSIDIES for renewable energy are one of the most contested areas of public policy. Billions are spent nursing the infant solar- and wind-power industries in the hope that they will one day undercut fossil fuels and drastically reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being put into the atmosphere.

Then remove the letters: aeiou

The result is:SBSDS fr rnwbl nrgy r n f th mst cntstd rs f pblc plcy. Bllns r spnt nrsng th nfnt slr- nd wnd-pwr ndstrs n th hp tht thy wll n dy ndrct fssl fls nd drstclly rdc th mnt f crbn dxd bng pt nt th tmsphr.

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